What is the goal or purpose of the camp?
To develop student musicians to use their God given talent for His glory!  Our concentration is not only on the “craft” or the musical training but we focus on the “heart” behind the music and the musician.  
When are the dates of the camp?
Choose (1) of the following:
1) Week One 
2) Week Two 
Who can attend?
Our Music and Worship Camp is geared toward students ages 13-19.  
(Basically 7th grade – HS graduation)
We are a non-denomination organization…our focus is the common denominator of our faith who is Jesus Christ.  
Every student must complete the online registration and a musical evaluation.  This is to insure that this camp is right for the students.  There is nothing more frustrating than a student musician to be involved in an environment where he or she doesn’t have the opportunity for success.
What is the Music Evaluation like?
Don’t let this scare you – This is for YOU!
This  process is an endeavor to get to know you, your gifts and your willingness to invest in your ministry calling. It is just a step of faith and does not commit you or us in any way.  This process will assist the staff in level placement.  We want our camps to be successful – that means giving each student the opportunity for success.  
This evaluation process is very important to the overall goals of our camp.  
For local applicants a one-on-one evaluation/interview must be arranged with at least one of your parents present.   
For distance applicants (100 miles or more away from THE SHOALS) a phone interview along with a digital recording must be submitted.  (Ask how to do this)  
The first step for all potential campers is to complete the online registration.
Once received we will schedule the local meeting or phone interview.  
* Music reading is not a requirement for this camp.  
One (1) song that will highlight your vocal style with your own accompaniment. (Most people use tracks)
We will do a vocal range & pitch test – how high and low you can sing.
One (1) piece that will highlight your skill level.  
Musical elements such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, patterns, chords, etc.  will be assessed.  
What to expect at camp?
We begin our day and end our day in the Word of God.  Our small group breakout seasons lend to healthy discussions about our “Walk” in the Lord.  
Throughout the week we will have large group worship gatherings led by camp staff.
Practice-Practice-Practice!  We have a show to get ready for…(Show-lack of word!)
Each student musician must come to camp prepared on the music.
Music must be memorized!
(Music & Charts are sent to each student along with demos 1 month prior to camp.)
We spend our time at camp polishing and developing/crafting our skill.
Monday -Thursday each student will have a one-on-one “Private” music lesson each day
with a highly qualified music instructor from the MUSCLE SHOALS area.  
We will visit the Alabama Music Hall of Fame along with a couple of local recording studios to discover the music heritage of the  SHOALS.  Music lovers will learn about the role of Alabamians in America’s music and experience the famous
Friday Night Concert – “Celebrate” will be the big finale of the week.  
This concert will feature our students as they lead in worship.
The concert begins at 7:00 pm at Mountain Theater.
Parents, family and friends are encouraged to attend.
There is no charge for the concert but a “Love Offering” will be received for the Connection Ministry. At the conclusion of the concert we say our good-byes!  
See ya next year!
How much does camp cost?
Every student must submit the  online registration. (Step 1)
Each student must have the interview/evaluation process complete. (Step 2)
Payment (Step 3) $100 deposit (non-refundable) required to hold your spot at camp.  (All payments must be submitted by 5/9/19)
Early Bird Discount (Received by 1/1/19) $499.00
Discount (Received 1/2/19 – 3/31/19) $535.00
Regular Fee (Received 4/1/19 – 5/9/19) $550.00
Pay by Credit Card/Debit Card: (Visa, MC, American Express, Discover)
Pay by Check to CFTLM