Mountain Mentoring (Men)

Mentoring = Intentionally Making Disciples.
We are in the second year of an important initiative among the men of the Shoals Area and Northwest Alabama. It’s called Mountain Mentoring. We have partnered with Radical Mentoring out of Atlanta, Georgia. Note: The 2023 season is in progress. 

It is a special type of men’s small group made up of high potential young men facilitated by a more senior, more mature man. The vision is to help younger men live God-centric lives and fulfill their God-given potential. 

It is our goal to impact the lives of younger men in a way that points them toward an integrated Christian life. We believe that we can have successful careers and be learners and followers of Jesus Christ and be great husbands, fathers, church members, sons, civic leaders, disciple-makers and friends . . . all at the same time.

The type of guys we are looking for are . . .

  • Objective men: willing to take direct, personal feedback without being defensive;             willing to look themselves in the mirror and make changes to improve
  • Humble, broken men; hungry for personal growth
  • Men with a passionate commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Men with a willingness to ‘pay it forward’ and influence other guys in the future
The 9 month program involves a monthly meeting (7:00pm to 10:00pm), (2) overnight retreat, (9) significant reading assignments and memorizing about (18) Scriptures. We will begin the next mentoring season in January 2024 and end with a Commencement Ceremony, which will be in September 2024. Our overnight retreats will be a Friday night and Saturday. Commencement Day will be on a Saturday.

There are limited amount of Mentee Spots. Really think about this . . . pray about it . . . talk to your wife. If you are lukewarm, don’t pursue it. You will be taking a slot that someone else might really want and need.

If you conclude that you are interested, then you need to fill out the application below.
The cutoff date for applications is November 20, 2023, so please respond promptly once you’ve determined your interest.

More Information: 256-383-3594 or 256-710-8963